What is an XP3RT?

An XP3RT is a person with over 10 years of combined experience that shares their expertise on a professional basis with those who can benefit from their knowledge. An XP3RT eXhibits the following '3' traits:

If you eXhibit the '3' 'X' traits, use our XP3RT network to find your next gig and eXpand your business.



Promote Your Skills and Expertise to the Corporate Community

Apply for Training and Consulting Engagements That Suit Your Skills and Background

Find New Clients and Expand Your Business Using Our Tools and Services

Collaborate with Other XP3RTs on Engagements That Require Diverse Skills

X to the Power of 3

Our XP3RTs have comprehensive knowledge and skill and demonstrate all 3 of these traits:

Corporate Solutions

Save time and money by using our AI engine to find highly qualified trainers whose skills and schedules match your needs.

Our Mission

Training and Consulting Consortium (TCC) provides centralized resources for connecting independent trainers and consultants with training organizations, consulting groups, and corporations in need of training and consulting services.

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